Five Element Acupuncture

Five Element Acupuncture

Ross specialises in Five Element Acupuncture – the ancient Chinese theory that mind, body and spirit are made up of the five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water, and that these creative and controlling energies should be in perfect balance to achieve ultimate wellbeing.

This ancient treatment recognises that to treat a person's health or/and wellbeing you must take into account that individual's physical, mental and spiritual state to fully understand and treat the illness. Consequently Ross' approach to treatment is totally tailored and unique to each individual, their situation, their lifestyle and their needs as no two patients are the same.

In addition, Acupuncture is also used to treat: Digestive conditions, Mental and emotional disorders, Cardiovascular conditions, Respiration and asthma, Gynecological conditions, Addictions, Fatigue and tiredness, Muscular/skeletal conditions, Back pain and RSI, Relationship issues, Stress and insomnia, and Hair loss and Premature ageing.


Intitial Consultation | £90.00 (includes treatment).
Subsequent Treatments | £90.00 (per session).
Treatments at Cloud Twelve | £120 (includes use of the spa facilities).