"I knew I wanted to have a child but I also knew that I wasn't in the right place and I needed help to find some balance. Ross pointed me in the right direction, gave me the tools to keep my mind at ease whilst dealing with a hectic life, and helped me on to a positive and stable path mentally. He listens without judgement and a senstive ear and warm demeanour."

Two years on I have a beautiful baby girl and a clamer lifestyle. I couldn't recommend his counselling enough. It has truly helped me get back to being a very happy me." Laura Brinton, Dec. 18

"After trying to conceive unsuccessfully for 18 months, and having tried various different routes, a friend suggested a consultation with Ross. We now have a five month old daughter and I can put that entirely down to his advice (well, her father contributed quite a bit too I suppose) - it has been beneficial in so many ways, but for fertility, there is no single thing I would attribute more to having our daughter." F. Babb, Jan. 19

"A fertility consultation with Ross has given me fresh hope and so many new ideas as to how we might conceive. His knowledge of Western & Eastern Medicine is such a great combination. He has advised us of things we never considered and referred us to a great network of trusted specialists. Highly recommended." M.H, Jan. 19

"There have been so many life moments where Ross has been able to assist, mend and heal both emotionally and physically through his innate knowledge of and skilled practice in Five Element acupuncture. From helping with stress management, fertility, chronic adrenal fatigue and general wellbeing, Ross can sort it." Jessica Diner, Vogue

"Ross really is Super, there is no issue that he can't fix with his treatments. Not only have I benefitted greatly from his sessions over several years, I have sent many others to him who have also praised his work. I couldn't recommend him more highly." Mariella Tandy, Tatler

"Here's what you need to know about Ross: he got me through one of the toughest years of my life and he made me look better while doing it. He is brilliant at reducing stress and feelings of panic or anxiety. You leave a session with a sensation of inner weight having been lifted. This shows on your face - I've lost count of the number of times people have said I look rested or younger or somehow smilier - and it also results in noticeable health benefits. Since I've been seeing Ross, he has tackled and cured everything from fertility issues to psoriasis and shoulder pain. Remarkably, he also persuaded me to give up coffee, which was kind of unthinkable when I began having needles stuck in me. Oh, and it's almost entirely painless. Really, I don't know why anyone wouldn't be begging him for an appointment." Elizabeth Day, The Telegraph

"Ross was recommended by my boss and a friend. I wish I'd made contact sooner. After the first session I felt great. Having just had my third I feel on top of the world! I can't remember the last time I felt this good or positive. Ross not only understood me but talked common sense. I really cannot thank him enough. I have such a different outlook on things now and long may it continue!" Sarah O'Connell

"My acupuncture sessions with Ross Barr generated both immediate and sustained results - to both physical and emotional conditions. I am grateful for the immense positive change that has come as a result of ongoing treatment. The environment is therapeutic and personalised and the impact undeniable. I will continue to recommend him to anyone seeking improvement." Anne-Alexis Moody, London

"Ross is a bit like Nurofen - but for everything: head, heart, body, the lot. Since seeing him, I am infinitely more chilled out, less neurotic, less anxious, more cheerful, less fatigued and less grumpy. I get fewer headaches and much less back ache, I am less reliant of coffee and booze (although I've noticed when I do drink, that my hangovers are less painful) and I generally feel more optimistic. He's fixed thngs aobut me tht I don't even know needed fixing - and it's ever so much nicer this way. People keep asking whether or not I'm getting Botox, because my skin's so improved." Polly Vernon, Observer Women's Magazine

"Being told that the reason my wife and I would need to use IVF was down to me was a real slap in the face; the abrupt manner in which we were informed also didn't help. Two months and a lot of denial later I was given hope by Ross and his ability to inspire confidence. After three months of treatment all my readings were much improved, so much so that the first IVF attempt worked and my wife is now five months pregnant. I still regularly have treatments and am consistently amazed at what acupuncture can do." D Gavin, London

"When I first arrived at Ross' door I was a wreck. My immune system was depleted, my spirit exhausted, and I was prone to catching every virus I came in contact with. Over the past 8 months Ross has brought my body and spirit back to a sense of balance and strength. He is by far the best acupuncturist I have ever been to. His knowledge, good nature, compassion and great sense of humour have been invaluable along this road of recovery. I would highly recommend him to anyone struggling with any health issues." A Walker, London

"Since I have been working with Ross I have seen significant changes, both physically and emotionally. My mooods have been much more stable, and I have become more optimistic. As my organ functions improved my skin's been markedly improved and my dark circles have all but gone." Eleanor Moran, Author

"I had heard so many conflicting stories about this alternative medicine that, at first, I was very sceptical about it. But, boy, am I glad I took this path...

Ross has transformed my life. For instance, my partner can now sleep at night without the deafening drone of my snoring. Forget doctors who rush you off to the local chemist with a prescription - this form of medicine is natural and gives a great sense of wellbeing and contentment." Lee Pears, London

"On returning from a year of world travel and settling into a permanent job in the city i felt increasingly lethargic and apathetic. I got used to feeling tired and unwell and felt frustrated with myself. My acupuncture treatment looked at every aspect of my life and helped me to understand myself and how my body works and why it felt the way it did. The treatment and advice i received has made me feel physically healthy again and given me back my energy and buzz. But it has also made me feel stronger and more content within myself. I had heard very little about acupuncture before my treatment with Ross which amazes me considering how effective and diverse a medicine it is. Now I have experienced the benefits first hand I have become a true advocate of 5 element acupuncture, all my friends have noticed the change in me and I'm trying to send everyone I know to have treatment with Ross." Natasha Lilley, London

"Following three consecutive late miscarriages, I was anxious about trying for another baby but, at the same time felt I was not ready to give up. The loss we had experienced was excruciating and had had a major impact on my already existing family. But then Ross came into our life... Smiley, positive, hopeful and calm. From the very first session, I felt completely safe and at ease discussing what was for me a very painful experience. Ross spent a couple of months getting my body and soul into a stronger and healthier place, ready to conceive again. Once I was ready to try, I conceived in the first month. During the pregnancy, Ross was paramount in reducing my fear and anxiety, but he also played a key role in maintaining the pregnancy. We worked on keeping my kidney's strong and 'holding' the baby. At 39 weeks, I gave birth to a strapping baby girl. She is the most chilled, happy baby you could wish for, and am sure the sessions with Ross have a lot to do with it. Thank you, thank you, thank you." A Damiani, London

"Losing my father is by far the worst and biggest emotional trauma I have ever had the misfortune of experiencing. I didn't know how to feel or how to deal with my emotions, I chose to hide behind the comfort of throwing myself into work. I soon began to unravel until a friend suggested acupuncture.

Ross has treated me as an individual person, not as a group of symptoms. He has used a combination of treatments to finely restore my emotional balance and make my soul shine a little brighter. I am developing the courage to cry when I need to, and the strength to keep on fighting through day to day life when the sadness arrives. I'll never be the same girl again, but acupuncture is helping me to be the very best version of me. I can't recommend Ross highly enough. Just take an hour out of your day and the benefits will last a whole lot longer." Annie M Kearney, London

"Ross's comprehensive and professional approach to designing a personalized treatment regime has proved to be incredibly effective, turning a one - time skeptic into a true acupuncture convert." John Thompson, Thame

"After a decade of excruciatingly painful periods, I discovered I had stage IV endometriosis. Two operations followed, and a new nutritional plan both of which left me feeling dizzy and more than a little defeated. A friend who was seeing Ross for fertility treatment and general wellbeing recommended that I visit him. Ross was absolutely amazing, not only providing incredibly effective acupuncture, but explaining it in a way which made me understand how and why my body was responding the way it did. I feel calmer, but with more energy after every visit. In fact, more often than not I feel worryingly invincible more like my old self before I got sick. I also haven't suffered from any awful pains since visiting Ross. I couldn't recommend him highly enough." Miki Watson, London

"I had been suffering from Endometriosis for the past 4 years. After several visits to the doctor and very little help later, I took a friends advice and began acupuncture treatment with Ross. With little knowledge about it, I was surprised and sincerely amazed at how much Chinese medicine understood my complaint. The changes I saw were outstanding, not just for my endometriosis symptoms but also for my general feeling of well being. Unfortunately for the people around me, it has meant I now have a slight obsession with acupuncture…but from experiencing something that I consider life changing, why the hell not?" Lindsay Tegan, London

"My treatment plan is working great, I have lots of energy and have well and truly survived all of these winter bugs, coughs and colds and office stress and feeling 100% for the new year!" Rebecca Constable, Thame